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Why Choose Our
Management Consultants?

We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies, and designing high quality and scalable operational and human resource solutions. As business consultants, we provide our clients with customized solutions to increase their operational and management efficiencies with cutting-edge technology, tools, and best practices to increase their profitability.

We provide:

  • Innovative Business Strategies & Solutions
  • Human Capital & Asset Allocation
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Executive & Career Coaching
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Why Choose Our
Educational Consultants?

Our educational consultants at Sane Partners offer unique educational solutions in terms of educational expertise and knowledge with over 50 years of combined experience of its educational leaders, executives and professionals who are nationally recognized and have thorough knowledge of the educational landscape worldwide.


We specialize in educational consulting services to drive innovation and transformation with breakthrough leadership solutions, financial strategies, operational efficiencies, technological advancements, and students’ achievements.


We provide educational services for:

  • Recovery of Student Learning & Academic Momentum
  • Reconfiguration of Educational & Workforce Training Programs
  • Optimization of Grants Funds
  • Student Recruitment, Retention & Tracking
  • Professional Development
  • Deployment of Education Technology
  • Leadership & Career Coaching at all levels of organizations
With our exceptional quality of educational consulting services and extensive network, public education institutions can alter their trajectory toward achieving higher success for their students, stakeholders, employees, and leadership. 

Our Clients

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Our Public Service

Education Model for Students Sucess
Governance & Policy Guidance
Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness
Diversity & Inclusion Model
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Neeta Sane, MBA, MS, CLC

Principal, Sane Partners LLC

Former Elected HCC Trustee, District VII


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Why Choose Our

FinTech Experts?

We partner with you with a keen focus on your needs to provide you with the exact FinTech expertise you need to successfully deliver your projects.

We provide:

  • Professionals all over the world
  • Professionals at all levels from senior architects to junior programmers & testers
  • Professional training and team building in all FinTech areas including OLTP, Card Management, Payments, Data Replication
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